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Basketball Drills - Upping Your Game

When you talk to anyone about basketball the conversation quickly turns to the amazing three point shot, swishing a foul shot, the thrill of the basket and the dexterity of outwitting the opponent. You don't talk about basketball drills. It’s not exciting and it's not riveting. In fact, they're boring and they are hard work, but every good player knows that the basketball drills are essential to their enjoyment of the game.
Basketball drills can be loosely broken into several categories: individual, challenge and team. The individual basketball drills include basketball handling drills, dribbling drills and basketball shooting drills. The handling drills are used to ensure that handling the basketball is like an extension of their body. They know how to pick it up, pass it and grab it from the air. The basketball dribbling drills ensure that they can move the ball from one area of the court to another. They learn to protect the ball from stealing and also learn to dribble through the opposing team when possible and passing when necessary. Finally, the basketball shooting drills help build shooting form so that the player can shoot, and sink, a basket from anywhere on the court: fouls shots, three pointers and under the basket!
Challenge drills are where the player is challenged by another player during the drill. Once some basic skills are learned it is important to practice them in game like conditions. Players know that they typically can't dribble the ball down the court without being challenged. Shooting the ball also doesn't happen without the opposing team trying to block your shot or at times intentionally fouling you. Foul shots are never taken in a peaceful stress free environment! Drills that are included in the challenge category are the basketball rebounding drills. If the shot doesn't sink it's imperative to get the rebound. The player is one of three to seven players striving for that ball.
Basketball team drills put it all together. The individual skills and the basketball plays are designed to put them ahead in the actual game. It is the team drills that bring the individuals together as a cohesive team and let them communicate with lightening speed on the court as they play to win. They need to run the plays until they are flawless. They scrimmage to the point of exhaustion and then they push some more. They have their shots blocked and their passes intercepted. As a team, their general basketball conditioning really pays off here. They have to be working out consistently so they have the endurance to run the court and pivot for those split second opportunities.
By themselves, none of these drills are glamorous. They leave players sweaty and exhausted. These are the things that players love to hate about the game. But, talk to a player on any successful team and they will tell you that the time spent on basketball drills has really paid off. The momentary sweat and discomfort is worth it when the ball catches nothing but net, the buzzer sounds and your team wins by two points!
Chris Hanson Mendham is a professional basketball player, has played for Mendham High School. He shares crucial and important tips and his experiences with his reader regarding Basketball game.
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